Social Media Solutions: It’s All About Relationship Building

Social media is about being social: tending to form cooperative and interdependent relationships with others (Merriam-Webster).  Isn’t that what doing business is all about?

Social Media Marketing SpecialistI must say I really enjoy working in social media.  But what I like even more are the people I work with.  If you are a large company with a large operating budget, there are very sophisticated services you can find, most with very sophisticated prices.  Some of them may even treat you as an individual with personal needs as opposed to “just” another client.  If, however, you’re operating with a smaller budget and you’re looking for someone with know-how who has the desire to get to know YOU and your specific needs then good, you’re in the right place.  The people I’ve met and continue to meet “virtually” and the resources available in this great big cyber world of ours is what motivates me to keep moving on this spinning wheel we call social media.

“Technology does not run an enterprise, relationships do.”  ~ Patricia Fripp

The average small business owner does not have time to devote to social media and to really do it justice.  An occasional tweet or blog post is not enough to develop relationships.  As I’m sure everyone in this field does, I “study” social media every day.  One pretty much has to: there is SO MUCH to learn in this rapidly developing field and in many instances, yesterday’s tips and tools are considered old news.  Do you, as a small business owner, really have time to keep up with it all?

I’m willing to bet you don’t.  As a social media Buzzmeister, I am available to support you and your needs.  There are a million and one different ways to do that.  Care to explore possibilities?  I do!

Have something BUZZWORTHY you’d like to share? While I won’t make any promises, you’re welcome to submit a blog post for consideration since in my view, all buzz is considered…


Connie Kuusisto is a Virtual Assistant / social media “Buzzmeister” dedicated to working with authors, small business owners and nonprofits who recognize the need for an organized social media presence but who prefer to focus on their own area of expertise. Are you needing to boost YOUR buzz? Your Buzz is her Biz. Here’s a good place to start.


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