Note to Self…Social Media and Blogging Rule #1: Add Content, Dummy


It’s true.  Like a dummy I abandoned my blog.  Not permanently, mind you, but long enough to create a vacuum and undermine my own efforts.  After all, how can I claim to be a social media Buzzmeister if I’m not creating content?  Social media is ALL ABOUT content.

I’m not making excuses here; I’m simply stating facts.  Why did I abandon my blog and stop adding content?     Two Reasons:


1.) Burn out.  As social media enthusiast / Virtual Assistant providing social media support to others, I ran out of steam (a not uncommon occurrence for those who spend a lot of time in social media).  Why did I burn out you ask?  I started to burn out when I realized I was no longer meeting my main objective as a stay-at-home small business owner: flexibility.  I don’t mind hard work and I don’t mind working long hours but when I started to realize that the time and effort I was putting in to my home business was robbing me of the one thing I most desired (besides monetary compensation, that is)  I started to ask myself “why?”.  Why?  Because I was still working for other people even though I was doing it on “my terms”.  I love working with people; I don’t mind working FOR other people.  What I do mind is the lack of flexibility that typically comes with a structure that involves reporting to, or meeting the expectations of, others – on their timeline.  It’s about balance.  We all strive (or should be striving) for balance in our lives and how we achieve that is different for each of us.

2.) A New Direction.  Thanks to my social media contacts (I really AM a social media enthusiast!) I stumbled on something that really intrigued me.  This, I realized, was an opportunity to work from home, at my own pace, on my own time and how and when I choose.  Code for FLEXIBILITY.  And there’s a bonus: I no longer work to meet anyone’s expectations or demands other than my own.  I answer to no one but me, myself and I.  I feel totally liberated!  I typically start my day very early in the morning, over coffee, and spend as much time as I need/want to in order to meet my goals for the morning.  I then take a break for the afternoon to run errands, tend to the household, and spend time with the people and things I am most passionate about.  After dinner, I forego TV watching except for maybe Dancing with the Stars (it appeals to the form aerobics instructor in me) and focus on my business for another few hours.

I still dabble in social media but it no longer consumes me the way it once did.  I have another blog in addition to this one and it’s there I’ve been spending time adding content in addition to building my business  (I’m not a total dummy!)  So yes, this blog has suffered as a result but, perhaps now that I’m a little more settled in my new enterprise, I’ll take advantage of my new-found flexibility and spend some more time here.  This “dummy” is feeling revived and inspired!

How about you?  Are you feeling inspired by what you do or are you in a bit of a slump?  What are you doing to create balance in your life?  Any tips you have to share will be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to comment!


Social Media BuzzmeisterConnie Kuusisto is a social media enthusiast at All Buzz Considered. Thanks to her connections there, she discovered DS Domination and she’s now growing her home-based eCommerce business she started with $20. Follow Connie’s Side Gig Chronicle: The Inside Scoop where she shares a transparent look at this “D$D cha-ching thing” everyone is talking about. She’ll show you that all YOU need is a computer, the ability to follow directions and $20 to start your own biz and boost your bottom line.


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