Are You a Procrastinator? This “Field Guide” Will Answer That Question!

Ooh!_ProcrastinateThis Field Guide to Procrastinators was brought to my attention by a professional “virtual” acquaintance of mine.  Heather Chernofsky is her name and through her biz Administrative Connexions she “frees entrepreneurs and small businesses from the admin tasks that could otherwise spoil all the fun.”  Are you having fun as a business owner or might you benefit from Heather’s services?

Anyway, I found the above mentioned Field Guide amusing and to be perfectly honest, I can relate to more of the cartoons depicted than I care to admit.  It’s fair to say I’m not a “Napper” nor am I a “Watcher”.  And since I’m a solopreneur I have no one to delegate to so I’m not a “Delegator” either (my children would argue otherwise I’m sure).  I am a horse owner though and considering the amount of time I spend at the barn I could easily add “Horsing Around” to that field guide.

So fess up…how do you procrastinate?  We know you do; we all procrastinate to some degree or another.  What stall tactic would you add to this Field Guide?  Care to comment?

Just how much of a procrastinator are you?  Are you in need of an intervention?  Probably not…you’re getting some work done aren’t you?  But perhaps a few tips to help you manage your wayward ways might be helpful.  Nellie Akalp, CEO of, has some advice she shared on “If you find yourself battling the urge to put important items off, here are five simple tips to get something done today.”

It goes with out saying that you’re reading this post because you’re spending time on social media.  (It’s the “Internet Researcher” in you I know.)  Well then, you’ll feel justified being here when you read this guest post from Adam Green: 3 Ways Social Media Can Help You Avoid Procrastination.  In fact why don’t we take his advice and make the most of this opportunity right here and now.  Reach out to me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  I’ll return the favor and in so doing we’ll make constructive use of our time.  Together.

Procrastinators United!

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