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WordPress Solutions: Buzz Central



If you own and operate a business of any kind, any size, the perks of owning a WordPress website far out way the initial investment which, if you “shop around” need not be all that expensive. Large corporations typically have room in their budgets for high end, very sophisticated websites designed and implemented by sophisticated – and more often than not – very expensive web design agencies. But is that really necessary for a small business owner?

Professionals in the field of social media generally agree that a WordPress website IS necessary and is in fact, or at least should be, the hub of all your online activity. Your site is where you want to direct people to learn more about you and the service(s) you offer. Your goal is to convert those visitors to clients or customers. Does your site need to be large and layered and complicated (read: expensive) to be effective? No. Do you need a blog to complement your site? Well, no, but the ability to regularly post new content to a blog on your site is HUGE in terms of helping to establish your online presence. Google search engines love new content. WordPress sites are designed to enhance search engine optimization (SEO).

If you’re a WordPress “newbie” meaning you don’t quite know what all the fuss is about, there is a ton of information out there describing “why a WordPress site”. Even if you are familiar with WordPress, you’ll appreciate the features outlined on this site.

Think of your WordPress site as “command central” or “Buzz Central” as I like to call it. It’s the heart of all your online activities. As you develop and grow your social media network, all channels (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+) you choose to use will enhance your efforts when you make a point of linking them back to Buzz Central.

Do you have a social media platform in place yet? Is it working for you?

Have something BUZZWORTHY you’d like to share? While I won’t make any promises, you’re welcome to submit a blog post for consideration since in my view, all buzz is considered…


Connie Kuusisto is a Virtual Assistant / social media “Buzzmeister” dedicated to working with authors, small business owners and nonprofits who recognize the need for an organized social media presence but who prefer to focus on their own area of expertise. Are you needing to boost YOUR buzz? Your Buzz is her Biz. Here’s a good place to start: Social Media Buzz: Tips, Tricks & News for the Uninitiated, Overwhelmed &/or Just Plain Tired of It All.