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Twitter Tip: A Strategic Use of the @Reply

Twitter Conversation

Twitter Conversation

The odds are good that as a Twitter user you already know this tip. But if you’re a Twitter “newbie” you might be interested to learn of it, or in some cases, simply be reminded of it.

I’m using this conversation with my cousin as an example.  I hope she doesn’t mind.  Call it shameless promotion on my part but keep in mind it’s Robyn’s new book I’m buzzing about here.  It’s currently a Kindle “BIG DEAL” and is being promoted as such on Amazon for two weeks.  You can buy a copy for 99 cents until August 4th!  Robyn is a first-time author and has written an adorable romance novel that’s receiving a lot of attention, so much so that she’s already in contract to write more!  Visit her at and you’ll see what I mean.  Needless to say our family is very proud of her.

Anyway, the real point behind this post is to point out a strategic use of the Twitter Reply.

If you’ll notice, there are no letters or characters before my name, @ConnieKuusisto, in Robyn’s reply to me.  That’s perfectly fine and I certainly do appreciate her gesture.  HOWEVER…she may have missed an opportunity here.  Had she put a period before my name, as in .@ConnieKuusisto, our conversation would have had the potential to been seen by a greater number of Twitter followers.  If you’re an author and you’re trying to promote a book, why not take advantage of that fact…?

Are you confused?  Are you wondering “what ARE you TALKING about?  What is up with that one little period?”  Well, I’ll let Alexis Grant explain it to you; she does it so well.  Alexis is, among other things, a power twitter user and if you’re an author you’ll find great value in what Alexis has to share, both here and here (for starters).

Pssst… I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to tap into Alexis’ expertise if I were you.


~ Connie



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