WordPress Solutions

Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success. ~ Henry Ford

If you own and operate a business of any kind, any size, the perks of owning a WordPress website far out way the initial investment which, if you “shop around” need not be all that expensive. Large corporations typically have room in their budgets for high end, very sophisticated websites designed and implemented by sophisticated – and more often than not – expensive web design specialists employed by expensive agencies. But is that really necessary for a small business owner?  No, actually.  With WordPress you can build your own site.  But is that how you want to spend your precious time?

Professionals in the field of social media generally agree that a WordPress website IS necessary and is in fact, or at least should be, the hub of all your online activity. Your site is where you want to direct people to learn more about you and the service(s) you offer. Your goal is to convert those visitors to clients or customers. Does your site need to be large and layered and complicated (read: expensive) to be effective? No. Do you need a blog to complement your site? Well, no, but it is highly recommended. Regularly posting new content to a blog on your site will help you get noticed and done correctly, will help establish your expertise and professionalism. WordPress sites are designed to enhance search engine optimization (SEO) and Google loves new content.

httpGlobeThink of your WordPress site as “command central” or “Buzz Central” as I like to call it. It’s the heart of all your online activities. As you develop and grow your social media network the channels you choose to use (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+) will enhance your efforts when you make a point of linking them back to Buzz Central.

Are you a WordPress “newbie”? Do you have a website but it’s in need of some updates? There is a ton of information out there describing why a WordPress site is particularly advantageous to small business owners. Even if you are familiar with WordPress, you’ll appreciate the features outlined on this WordPress.org site.

Save time and focus on what you do best to build your business.  As a (your) Virtual Assistant and Social Media Specialist I am available to explore possibilities with you, some of which are listed below:

  • Design/create WordPress website/blog
  • Recommend updates to current site
  • Enhance SEO strategies
  • Research/contribute blog content
  • Incorporate social media channels to increase exposure
  • Your thoughts/ideas…?

Want to boost your buzz and save time doing it?  Let’s toss around some ideas, shall we?  Please feel free to contact me to arrange for an initial consultation.  There’s no charge for brainstorming.