Blogging Concentrated Coming to a Town Near You!


Blogging Concentrated

I’m really looking forward to attending the Blogging Concentrated event in Syracuse, NY on Saturday, March 22.

Lauren Greutman, otherwise known as I am THAT lady, is a VERY successful local blogger and she will be teaching this seminar along with Dan Morris of

I’ve created a number of blogs over the years, the most well-known being that of my husband’s Planet of the Blind, but I’ve never taken the time to learn how to be strategic in terms of how to make a buck.  My blogging has always been more of a hobby than anything since I dabbled with them when time permitted (thanks to my full-time job).  But now that I’m working out of my home and have started my own two blogs, AllBuzzConsidered and my Side Gig Chronicle: The Inside Scoop, I’m ready to up my game.


Have you been to a Blogging Concentrated event in your town?  If so, what was your biggest take-a-way?Accomplish More Sooner

Have you even heard of Blogging Concentrated?  To be honest, I hadn’t until just this morning.  But thanks to Lauren, I’ve now signed up!

To find a Blogging Concentrated event near you simply click on this banner for more information…——>

Who knows, this could lead to your big break!  Separate yourself from the rest of the pack.  That’s my intention!


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