Buzzmeister? Say what?!

I’m tickled you’re here.  Hopefully you’ve landed on this page intentionally.  If so well done and thank you for coming.  But if you’re here by accident please, take a few seconds and have a look around.

I’m all about creating buzz.  If you’re an author or a small business owner and you’ve come to the conclusion that you just can’t do it all, I could be YOUR Buzzmeister. 

(You are in need of some buzz, aren’t you? Isn’t that why you’re here?)  Read on…

You’ve never heard of a Buzzmeister, have you?  It’s OK.  You see, I’m not just any Buzzmeister, I am THE Buzzmeister.  And yes, I’ve coined the term.  There are so many people declaring themselves social media “experts” that 1) I needed a way to separate myself from the pack and 2) there are people who eat, sleep, drink and breathe social media and are therefore more knowledgeable than I.  They’re truly expert at what they do and they’ll charge you top dollar to do it. 

But is that what YOU really need?  Or want…?

Luigi&I_May2012I consider myself more of a “student” of social media and always will since it’s a constantly evolving field.  I’ve learned the only way to stay current is to study it.  Continuously.  But I also strive for balance in my life.  So when I’m not sitting in a chair in front of my computer I am probably sitting on my horse.  (Geez, I sit A LOT.)

I established “Books, Blogs and Beyond” to support authors, small business owners and nonprofits by helping them create BUZZ to promote their areas of expertise, as well as their passion for the work they do.  Combining skills acquired during my years of administrative and managerial work with specific niche certifications, I am well positioned to help others harness the power of social media to boost their online presence.

So let’s talk about YOU!  Are you an author or small business owner struggling to find time to address your social media needs?  Do you have a website?  Perhaps you do have an online presence but you need to give your buzz a boost.  Have you reached the realization that you could use some support but you don’t know where to turn?

Let’s connect, you and I, and explore some ideas as to how we might collaborate to support your needs.  I’m easy to contact and asking a few questions certainly does not imply an obligation on your part.  Or mine for that matter.  In a perfect world, people work together because they choose to.  In the words of Amelia Earhart,

“I want to do it because I want to do it.”

I’m pretty sure I want to work with you.  Until then…

Happy socializing!

~ Connie