Your Buzz is My Biz!

Are you an author with a book to promote? Or perhaps you’re a small business owner? Do you provide a service of any kind? Could you use a little “buzz” to increase your exposure to the folks who might be interested in the goods and services you provide?

“If you don't toot your own horn, don't


  • You’re uncomfortable tooting your own horn, aren’t you?
  • You “get” it – you understand the importance of social media and how it can increase awareness of you and your brand.
  • But you don’t “know” it – social media is not your area of expertise.
  • You’ve come to realize you can’t do it all.
  • And time is NOT on your side…

Ahhh, but as Will Rogers once said…

Get someone else to blow your horn and

Are you spending precious time trying to generate buzz through social media when you know you could be (should be) making better use of your time?  Feeling frustrated?  Overwhelmed?  You are NOT alone!  Not only does the process of building your online professional presence feel so darned time consuming if you’re not “fluent” in it but the social media “scene” keeps changing: new sites, new techniques, new rules…YIKES!

People are always neglecting something they can do in trying
to do something they can’t do
~Edgar Watson Howe

You need a Buzzmeister.  Don’t you?  As a social media specialist I am all about creating buzz. YOUR BUZZ!  I know from experience that trying to stay current with this very dynamic and constantly changing field is no easy task.  Instead of spreading yourself too thin, why not let me toot your horn on your behalf?  Let’s explore options in terms of how I can best assist you in meeting your social media goals in a most cost effective manner.  After all, time IS money.

Think about it: how much money are you NOT earning while trying to manage this all by yourself?

I invite you to take a moment and look around this website. A few minutes now could result in hours saved later…a good investment, don’t you think?